About Us

‘Here at Kita’s Kitchen, our aim is to provide high quality dog and cat pet food that is full of flavour and full of the necessary nutrients to help your pet lead a healthy life through its various life stages.’

We are a family business based in the West Country and have been dog owners for 30 years. Kita was our second German Shepherd and is the dog behind our brand, a food that contains a high meat content, the very best ingredients, caters for all ages and most dietary requirements. We never compromise on quality and take a firm stance against animal cruelty as well as animal testing.

Our pet food is produced for us in the UK and our recipes have been selected for us by a team of qualified pet nutritionists using only the finest ingredients to ensure our foods are produced so that they not only healthy and suitable for your pet but are also very competitively priced in today’s market place and Vet Approved.

Compare our Grain Free and Hypo-Allergenic Gluten Free  ranges to other similar products and you will see that our ingredients and prices compare very favourably..

Julie & Mark

Kita’s Kitchen Limited

Pawsome Dog & Cat Food delivered to Your Door


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