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80% Poultry Training Dog Treat 500g

Ideal as a treat or a training aid, these dog treats contain 80% freshly prepared poultry, a highly digestible and...

Kita’s Kitchen 100% Duck Jerky

These tasty Duck strips are made from high quality Duck and are sure to be loved by your dog! Suitable all puppies &...

Kita’s Kitchen Air Dried Sprats

These Sprats are gently air-dried to retain their natural goodness and intrinsic values, great for sprinkling on your dogs dinners, or...

Kita’s Kitchen Dried Dover Soles

These fishy treats are high in essential vitamins and minerals like Selenium, Phosphorus, Niacin (B3), Magnesium and Choline, all of which are...

Kita’s Kitchen Fish Skin Cubes

Caught from sustainable sources and handmade in the UK, these tasty are made from nothing but 100% air-dried fish skins. No...

Kita’s Kitchen Lamb Bites

100% Natural Lamb Bites! Tasty, healthy, and suitable for sensitive dogs with food allergies, be assured your dog will love...

Kita’s Kitchen Pure Beef Jerky

These tasty beef strips are made from high quality beef and are sure to be loved by your dog! Suitable all...

Kita’s Kitchen Rabbit Ears with Hair

Our Rabbit Ears with Fur are tasty and have the added benefit of being a natural de-wormer. They are 100%...

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