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Deli 8″ Black Pudding Meaty Sticks 500g

Our black pudding sticks are made with 70% meat and are gluten free Composition: Chicken 70%, Pork Blood, rice, minerals,...

Deli Golden Paste Small Dog Sausages 500g

Our Deli style chipolata linked dog sausages are made with turmeric, flaxseed and black pepper, turmeric is known to have...

Deli Ham & Cheese Meaty Sticks 500g

8" Long Sticks made with 70% meat, gluten free and can be cut to smaller sizes. Composition: Chicken 50%, Pork...

Deli Roast Beef & Garlic Sausages 500g

Chipolata style sausages linked together, made with 70% meat and gluten free Composition Beef 30%, other meats 40%, rice, garlic...

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