Dorwest Paw & Nose Balm 50ml


Moisturises and nourishes crusty noses and cracked pads. Handcrafted with UK grown herbs and is lick-safe!



This new addition to our range, is an ultra-nourishing balm to soften and soothe crusty noses and sore cracked pads. t has no added fragrance from essential oils so is perfect to use on dogs highly sensitive noses.
Calendula is gently infused in sunflower oil which helps to soften the skin and is renowned for its ability to support skin repair.
Marshmallow is steeped in Jojoba oil, this herb is nurturing and protective whilst soothing and moisturising the skin.
Chickweed is included specifically for calming itchy skin but it also has softening and soothing qualities perfect for sensitive skin areas.
Along with natural beeswax and rich pure shea butter this balm is a pot of pure goodness.
Keep balm out of direct sunlight and store under 25oC.

Ingredients: Calendula in sunflower oil, marshmallow in jojoba oil, chickweed oil, shea butter, beeswax
Administration: Apply regularly until all signs of soreness, dryness or irritation have disappeared
Can be used during pregnancy?: Yes
Can be used during lactation?: Yes
Product Finishing: Paste
Suitable from: 8 weeks
Always read the label


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